Jupiter Trevi, The Kingdom of Romance. Your happiness is our happiness.

Superior Room

a room with privacy and a bathroom, two queen size  beds, and a Jacuzzi.

Premier Room

a spacious with size 48 sq.m. , 1 bathroom, 2 queen size beds, and a Jacuzzi  for you to enjoy and relax.

Presidential Room

 a spacious 48 square metres 1 bathroom, two queen size beds and a Jacuzzi bath.

Presidential Extra

a corner room 48 square metres 1 bedroom 1 bathroom, two queen size beds and a fully equipped Jacuzzi.

VIP Suite

family room. The space is divided into two bedrooms, two bathrooms, 2 queen size beds and 1  king size bed a living room counter.

Honeymoon Suite

exclusive for couples and families with size 80 sq.m 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 king size bed and 2 queen size beds